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DESCRIPTOR TERM: Contingent Contract of Employment with Mississippi Public School Districts
CODE: 2602
ADOPTION DATE: March 22, 1985
REVISION: March 21, 2014


This agreement is made and entered into as of the dates indicated below, by and between
First Name                Middle Name                Last Name                     Social Security Number

(employee),  and the ________________________________________ School District (employer), with the employee having been duly elected and approved for employment by the school board of the employer.

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  This agreement is contingent upon the employee’s graduation from an approved teacher education program before September 1, 20 ___, or the issuance of a proper license by the Mississippi Board of Education before
October 15, 20 ____.

□  This agreement is contingent upon employee’s graduation from an approved teacher education program before December 31, 20 ___, or the issuance of a proper license by the Mississippi Board of Education before
February 15, 20 ___.

This agreement will be null and void should this condition not be satisfied by the employee.

If the agreement is declared null and void in accordance with the terms and conditions set out above, both parties do hereby agree that the employee will be paid for services to that date only for such amounts as are paid to substitute teachers in the district.  The employee further agrees that the district may withhold from the employee’s final salary payment, or take such legal action as may be necessary to collect from the employee, any amounts previously paid in excess of the amount paid to substitute teachers.

This agreement provides:

That the employee will be employed by the employer for the scholastic year(s) 20___ - 20___ and shall hold the position of _______________________________________________________________.
                               Assistant Superintendent, Principal, Licensed Employee

That the employee will be employed for ______ days during said scholastic year. And that the employee shall be available to perform assigned duties beginning on __________________, 20____ and ending on __________________, 20____, or otherwise, as may be amended by the employer due to an emergency or other good cause in accordance with the policies of the employer.

That the employee will perform assigned duties during the school term. And that the school term will consist of ______ days and will commence and end on dates established in accordance with the policies of the employer.

That the employee agrees to reassignment during the school term to any area for which a valid license is held.

That in consideration for the duties performed under this agreement, the employer agrees to compensate the employee with an annual salary of $_______________, which shall be paid on a basis as determined by the local school board.  And that the annual salary is established in accordance with the policies of the employer and is based on an amount from the Adequate Education Program scale for the appropriate license and years of experience of the employee and an amount from the local salary supplement scale of the employer, and/or an amount from the employer as compensation for which other duties are to be performed by the employee. The school district may reduce the employee's state minimum salary by a pro rata daily amount in order to comply with the school district employee furlough provisions provided in statute. The payment of such salary is conditioned upon the availability of adequate education funds provided for salaries. Employee’s salary shall be payable in equal monthly installments beginning in the first month of employment, regardless of the number of days worked in any particular month by the employee. If employee fails to complete the contractual obligation and receives payment in excess of the monthly installment for the period which such employee ceases employment with the district, employee shall become liable immediately to the school board of the employing district for the sum of all amounts received in payment less the corresponding amount of any compensation paid for which service has been rendered, plus interest accruing at the current Stafford Loan rate at the time employee discontinues service. 

This contract shall be subject to all applicable policies, resolutions, rules and regulations of the employer, the Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct as adopted by the State Board of Education, and the laws of the State of Mississippi, copies of which are available from the Superintendent’s office. This contract is subject to being terminated immediately prior to the end of the school year by a Conservator appointed by the State Board of Education in a conservatorship school district established pursuant to Section 37-17-6 and/or Section 37-17-13 of the Mississippi Code.

This contract of employment has been executed in duplicate on the dates indicated as witnessed by the signature of the employee and the duly authorized superintendent.

The employer does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, color, national origin, age or handicap.
NOTE: In accordance with state law, if the employee should arbitrarily and willfully breach this contract and abandon his or her employment without first being released by the school board of the school district, then the school board may recommend to the Mississippi Board of Education that the teaching license of the employee be suspended for a period of one (1) year.
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