State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Day Care Homes Management Plans
CODE: 2004
ADOPTION DATE: December 15, 1989
REVISION: October 25, 2010

In the evaluation of management plans submitted by sponsors of family day care homes, the Mississippi Department of Education will utilize the criteria listed below.

1. Sponsor will define plans for maintaining financial records in accord with generally accepted accounting principles. The plan shall include written procedures for documentation of daily accounting functions.

2. Sponsor will provide job descriptions and resumes which demonstrate staff has education or experience appropriate to task to be performed. The staff shall have education or experience in the following areas: Management, Accounting, Child Care and Nutrition.

3. Sponsor will provide one monitor or full-time equivalent staff for each 50 homes. For each home over/under 50, five hours per month shall be added/subtracted as appropriate to the monitoring staff.

4. Sponsor will establish and implement administrative plans to:

a) train sponsor staff,
b) train providers,
c) monitor providers,
d) document provider approval,
e) document changes in provider application, and
f) make available to providers access to sponsor staff from the start of the first day care home meal service to the end of the last meal service.

5. Sponsor will define the geographical area (counties) in which providers under their sponsorship will operate, and the management plan shall outline a means for daily contact with providers.

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