State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Family Day Care Homes
CODE: 2003
ADOPTION DATE: December 15, 1989
REVISION: October 25, 2010

The criteria listed in Sections I and II will be utilized to evaluate providers (homes) currently participating in the Child Care Food Program. Providers (homes) must have an annual inspection report showing compliance with all standards prior to approval to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

If a home provider receives a “no” for the items listed below, they will be allowed 90 days from the date of the inspection report to provide proof that the conditions that created the unsatisfactory report have been corrected. Conditions are as follows:

All fuel-fired or natural gas room heaters are vented to the outside.

The water supply is under pressure or adequately protected.

The sewage system functions properly.

There are operable smoke detectors in corridors and children’s sleeping rooms.

There is at least one fully charged 5 pound ABC fire extinguisher properly mounted in the kitchen area.

Heating equipment in spaces occupied by children is protected to keep children away from hot surfaces and properly installed?

Special protective covers are provided for electrical receptacles.


If a home (provider) received a “no” for five or more of the items listed below, the report will be immediately declared unsatisfactory. Conditions are as follows:

Refuse is properly stored in an outside area that is drained and free of potentially hazardous objects or conditions and vector harborage.

The inside area is clean and in good repair and free of insects, rodents and unnecessary articles.

Toilet facilities are clean and in good repair.

The food preparation area contains safe and adequately protected food supply.

Acceptable dishwashing procedures and facilities are present.

Staff practice good hygiene and, if infection is present, take proper precautions.

Hot water is available.

Toxic items are used and stored properly.

Mixed occupancy buildings are protected by a (1) one hour fire barrier.

The dwelling has two remote exits.

Traveling distance to exits is less than 150 feet, and the egress is adequately lighted.

Each room where children are cared for has two means of escape.

Doors are a minimum of 24 inches wide.

Closet door latches are operable from inside.

Bathroom doors are designed to permit opening from outside in an emergency.

Corridors, stairways, lobbies, exits and all other interior finishes are Class A or B materials.

If a vent hood is present, grease filters are clean.

No portable heaters and fans are in use.

Protective covers are in place around functioning heating systems.

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