State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Officer Election
CODE: 1408
ADOPTION DATE: July 2, 1984
REVISION:  June 20, 1986

1. Officers of the Board shall consist of a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman and such additional officers as the Board may designate. The election procedures for both the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman will be in the following manner:

  • Election to the positions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be by nomination and roll call vote unless secret ballot is requested. In the event that more than two persons be nominated to either such office, a majority of those voting shall be required for election, and the Board shall, at such time designate the voting procedure to be followed, in order to secure such majority, in the event that it shall not be attained upon the first ballot.

2. Chairman:

  • The Chairman shall be elected annually at the July meeting or at the first meeting after any vacancy shall occur in such position, and shall serve for one year or until his/her successor shall be elected and qualified. 3. VICE-CHAIRMAN The Vice-Chairman shall be elected annually at the July meeting, or at the first meeting following the occurrence of a vacancy in such position, and shall serve for on
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