Mississippi Board of Education Policy Manual

Responsibilities of the Mississippi Department of Education.

The State Department of Education (“Department”) shall be under the direction and supervision of the State Superintendent of Public Education.  The State Department of Education shall be organized into functional divisions as established by the State Board of Education, including any divisions established by law and prescribing the duties of the directors of such divisions.

Responsibilities of the Mississippi Board of Education.

The Mississippi Board of Education (“Board”) establishes and maintains a system-wide plan of performance, policy and direction of public education and adopts and maintains a curriculum and a course of study to be used in the public schools that is designed to prepare the state’s children and youth to be productive, informed, creative citizens, workers and leaders.  The Board also regulates all matters arising in the practical administration of the school system not otherwise provided for. The Board regulates issues such as curriculum, teacher standards and certification, student testing, accountability and school accreditation. 

Where and how the public may obtain information.

MDE has adhered to a mandatory renumbering and formatting of all current board policies as required by law. The changes have now placed an immediate process of updating this webpage to reflect the updated board policies.  The PDF attachments displayed below are TEMPORARY and contain the categories of current policies adopted by the Board.   The text of all Board Policies, as well as information regarding pending rules and meetings, may be obtained by visiting the Department’s website at   Requests for Declaratory Opinions may be made pursuant to the following rules.  Otherwise, requests for information may be made pursuant to and in accordance with the Mississippi Open Records Act and the Board policy by submitting written requests to:

State Superintendent
Mississippi Department of Education
P.O. Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205-0771
Attn: Public Records Request

Mississippi Department of Education     P.O. Box 771     Jackson, MS 39205-0771     General Information: 601-359-3513

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