Mississippi Board of Education
November 19, 2009
10:00 A.M.
4th Floor Boardroom
Central High School Building
359 North West Street
Jackson, Mississippi


01. Report from the State Superintendent (John Jordan) Backup Material

02. Discussion of submitting request to the Governor that the Governor lift the state of emergency declared pursuant to Section 37-17-6 in the Jefferson Davis County School District (Jean Massey) Backup Material

03. Report on Hazlehurst City School District (Jean Massey) Backup Material

04. Discussion of Report on action of the Commission on School Accreditation concerning the assignment of district and school accreditation designations (Jean Massey) Backup Material

05. Discussion to modify contract with James Reeves to serve as Conservator for the Hazlehurst City School District (Jean Massey) Backup Material

06. Discussion to modify contract with Robert Strebeck to serve as Interim Conservator for the North Panola School District (Jean Massey) Backup Material

07. Discussion to modify contract with Dr. George Gilreath to serve as Interim Conservator for the Indianola School District (Jean Massey) Backup Material

08. Discussion to modify contract for James Malone to serve as Interim Conservator for the Tate County School District (Jean Massey) Backup Material

09. Report from the Office of Dropout Prevention – Annual Performance Report (Sheril Smith) Backup Material

10. Discussion to revise State Board Policy 902 - GED Option Guidelines (Toni Kersh) Backup Material

11. Discussion to adopt a State Board Policy defining “inordinately large” as that term is used in Section 37-151-103(3) to determine average daily attendance as a result of epidemic, natural disaster, or any concerted activity discouraging school attendance under the Mississippi Adequate Education Program
(Has cleared the Administrative Procedures Act process with public comment) (Todd Ivey) Backup Material

12. Discussion of Carnegie unit credit for Management, Year 1 (Vocational) and Marketing & Economics, Year 1 (Vocational) to meet the Economics (Academic) and Personal Finance (Academic) requirements for high school graduation
(Has cleared the Administrative Procedures Act process with no public comment) (Mike Mulvihill) Backup Material

13. Discussion of Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS) Advisory Board appointments (Daphne Buckley) Backup Material

14. Discussion to modify the contract with NURSEstat, Inc. to provide nursing services on the campus of the Mississippi Schools for the Blind and the Deaf (Daphne Buckley) Backup Material

Consent Items

A. Fiscal Year 2010 Contracts with the Public Employees' Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS) retirees receiving retirement benefits (Martez Hill) Backup Material

B. Report of FY 2010 contracts executed in October 2009 (Martez Hill) Backup Material

C. Renew competitive contracts with various manufacturers to provide distribution of food and non-food products to local organizations in the State Food Purchasing Program (All 7 Regions in the State)
(Shane McNeill) Backup Material

D. Modify contract with Carlen Henington to provide training and technical assistance to local school districts with disproportionate representation of minority students identified with Specific Leaning Disability (SLD) as well as for those under identifying students who may be Emotionally Disturbed (EmD). Provide PBIS training to selected school districts (Kris Kaase) Backup Material

E. Modify Interagency Agreement (IA) with Information Technology Services (ITS) and to extend the time on the Ciber Contract that is overseen under the IA (Kris Kaase) Backup Material

F. Financial Advisor for Water Valley School District (Todd Ivey) Backup Material

G. Persons, firms, corporations or associations authorized to sell bus bodies and school buses sold as complete units (Shane McNeill) Backup Material

H. Report of Personnel Actions (Martez Hill) Backup Material

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