Mississippi Board of Education
November 20, 2008
10:00 A.M.
4th Floor Boardroom
Central High School Building
359 North West Street
Jackson, Mississippi


01. Report of State Superintendent of Education Backup Material

2. Report on Mississippi Dyslexia Program (Kris Kaase) Backup Material

3. Report on Mississippi Reading Sufficiency Program (Kris Kaase) Backup Material

4. Discussion of methodology for awarding Even Start subgrants to assist local school districts and communities in improving educational opportunities for low-income families (Kris Kaase) Backup Material

5. Discussion to award continuation grants for Even Start Family Literacy Program(Kris Kaase) Backup Material

6. Discussion of awarding competitive continuation grants for the Reading First Initiative in support of districts’ implementation of Reading First programs and practices (For Cohort II) (Kris Kaase) Backup Material

7. Discussion of awarding competitive initial grants for the Reading First Initiative in support of districts’ implementation of Reading First programs and practices (For Cohort III) (Kris Kaase) Backup Material

8. Discussion of modify an Interagency Agreement with Information Technology Services for Phases IV and V for MSIS Special Education Development (ITS) (Kris Kaase) Backup Material

9. Discussion of modifying agreement with Blackboard, Incorporated to provide and host an on-line instructional software solution for the Office of Vocational Education and Workforce Development (Kris Kaase) Backup Material

10. Discussion of the Critical Needs Teacher Scholarship (CNTS) and Incentive Program Reports and the Report on the 2007-2008 Mississippi Alternate Route Teacher and Administrator Certification Programs.(Daphne Buckley) Backup Material

11. Discussion to enter into an Interagency Agreement with the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services (Shane McNeill) Backup Material

12. Discussion of modifying contract with Suzanne E. Smith, Certified Public Accountant, to serve as the financial advisor for the Hazlehurst City School District (Todd Ivey) Backup Material

13. Discussion of modifying contract with Day, Certified Public Accountant, to serve as the financial advisor for the Jefferson Davis County School District (Todd Ivey) Backup Material

14. Discussion of modifying contract with Billy R. Watson to serve as the financial advisor for the Tate County School District (Todd Ivey) Backup Material

15. Discussion of revision of State Board Policy 4904 – Withholding of Mississippi Adequate Education Program Funds
(Has cleared the Administrative Procedures Act process with no public comments) (Todd Ivey) Backup Material

16. Discussion of appointment of School Finance Officer for the Office of School Financial Services (Hank Bounds) Backup Material

17. Discussion of appointment of Director (Education Bureau Director ll) of the Office of Communications (Hank Bounds) Backup Material

Consent Items

A. Awarding of competitive contracts to various manufacturers to supply food and non-food products to local organizations in the State Food Purchasing Program (All Regions in the State) (Shane McNeill) Backup Material

B. Discussion of modifying the contract with NURSEstat, Inc. for the provision of nursing services on the campus of the Mississippi Schools for the Blind and the Deaf (Daphne Buckley) Backup Material

C. Contract with Glynn Griffing & Associates, Administrators to provide administration of the Mississippi Department of Education Cafeteria Plan (Ethel Carson) Backup Material

D. Report of Personnel Actions (Ethel Cain Carson) Backup Material

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