Mississippi Board of Education
January 18, 2008
8:30 A.M.
4th Floor Boardroom
Central High School Building
359 North West Street
Jackson, Mississippi


I.       Call to order

II        Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and Invocation

III.       Approval of Minutes of Meeting of December 13-14, 2007

IV.       Additions or deletions – Approval of agenda

V.        Report of the Chair

VI.       Approval of Action Items
           (Items below are numbered to correspond to the items as discussed on Thursday, January 17, 2008.)

03. Approval of the modification of the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Grant to Jobs for Mississippi Graduates, Inc. (JMG)
(Office of Business and Support Services)

04. Approval to establish nutrition regulations for the Child Nutrition School Breakfast and Lunch Programs (Has cleared the Administrative Procedures Act process with public comments)
(Office of Business and Support Services)

05. Approval to establish Comprehensive Health Education and Physical Education Rules and Regulations (Has cleared the Administrative Procedures Act process with public comments)
(Office of Business and Support Services)

06. Approval to contract with Evergreen Educational Consulting, L.L.C. as the project evaluator for the State Personnel Development Grant also known as REACH- MS, as required by the U. S. Department of Education (USDOE)
(Office of Instructional Programs and Services)

07. Approval to submit amendments to revise the Consolidated State Application Accountability Workbook to the U.S. Department of Education review
(Office of Instructional Programs and Services)

10. Approval of Appointment of Senior Assistant to State Superintendent (Bureau Director II), Office of Accreditation
(Office of the State Superintendent)

11. Approval of Appointment of Associate State Superintendent, Office of Special Education
(Office of the State Superintendent)

VII. Approval of Consent Items

A. Approval to continue in effect Board’s Declaration of State of Emergency based on the findings that, pursuant to the continuing proclamation issued by the Governor of the State of Mississippi , a state of emergency continues to exist as a result of Hurricane Katrina and that, pursuant to the provisions of the Hurricane Education Recovery Act, federal funds have been allocated to address educational needs resulting from this disaster
(Office of Educational Accountability)

B. Approval to contract with CCH Consulting, Inc., to provide a Project Manager to oversee modifications and enchancements to a web based payment system
(Office of Business and Support Services)

C. Approval of a new school site for the Jackson County School District
(Office of Business and Support Services)

VIII. Recognition Ceremony

§ 2006-2007 Tech Prep Exemplary Site
Northwest Rankin High School

IX. State Board of Education

    01. Report on meetings attended
    02. Approval of attendance at meetings

X. Other Business

XI. Adjournment

 If you need accommodations due to a disability, contact our office at 601-359-1750.
NOTE:  Cellular telephones and pagers that give an audible signal are not permitted during Board meeting.

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