Mississippi Board of Education
September 7, 2006
10:00 A.M.
4th Floor Boardroom
Central High School Building
359 North West Street
Jackson, Mississippi


01. Report of State Superintendent of Education

02. Discussion of Redesigning Education for the 21st Century Workforce in Mississippi

03. Discussion of Charter Schools

04. Discussion of creating a Policy bureau and reassigning an existing bureau director within the Office of Business and Support Services (Martez Hill) Back-up material

05. Discussion of the beverage vending regulations for Mississippi schools to determine what and when products can be sold on the school campus
(Has cleared the Administrative Procedures Act process with public comments) (Regina Ginn) Back-up material

06. Discussion of contract with Applied Training Corporation/Brenda J. Hankins to develop a one-day training session on Marketing Healthy Choices on the Customer Service Line for School Foodservice Managers and Administrators (Regina Ginn) Back-up material

07. Discussion of school transportation equipment bids (Regina Ginn) Back-up material

08. Report of Personnel Actions (Ethel Cain Carson) Back-up material

09. Discussion of continuing in effect Board's Declaration of State of Emergency based on result of Hurricane Katrina (Steve Williams)

10. Discussion of adopting policy for the Department of Education for the implementation of Administrative Procedures Rule pursuant to the Mississippi Administrative Procedures Law ( Steve Williams)

11. Discussion of awarding the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to Jobs for Mississippi Graduates, Inc. (JMG) (Kris Kaase) Back-up material

12. Discussion of awarding the Talent Search Grant to Newton Municipal School District (Kris Kaase)
Back-up material

13. [PULLED]

14. Discussion of contract with Louisiana State University (LSU) to provide consultative services relative to the Mattie T Consent Decree (Kris Kaase) Back-up material

15. Discussion of contract with Dr. Marilyn Friend to provide consultative services relative to the Mattie T Consent Decree (Kris Kaase) Back-up material

16. Discussion of contract with Riverside Publishing to provide an efficient Mississippi assessment of preschool skills for children with disabilities (Kris Kaase) Back-up material

17. Discussion of contract with Edvantia, Inc., for the purpose of developing test item specifications in math and reading/English/Language arts (Kris Kaase) Back-up material

18. Discussion of contract modification with MetaMetrics, Inc., to develop progress-monitoring assessments in the area of reading for students in grades 3-8 (Kris Kaase) Back-up material

19. Discussion of contract modification with E and R Assessments to develop a science scale for the Mississippi Alternate Assessment of Extended Curriculum Frameworks (MAAECF) (Kris Kaase) Back up material

20. Discussion of report on action of the Commission on School Accreditation concerning the assignment of district accreditation statuses and school performance classifications (Sonya Amis)   Back-up material

21. Discussion of awarding discretionary subgrants for the Rural and Low-Income School Program (Title VI, Part B, Subpart 2) (Sonya Amis) Back-up material

22. Discussion of awarding contracts to procure CPA firms to conduct monitoring of the Emergency Impact Aid for Displaced Students Grant and the Immediate Aid to Restart School Operations Grant (Sonya Amis) Back-up material

23. Discussion of contract modification with Gulf Coast Education Initiative to continue to monitor and provide technical assistance to all nonpublic and private schools awarded Immediate Aid to Restart School Operations funds (Sonya Amis) Back-up material

24. Discussion of awarding contracts to procure services or assistance for nonpublic and private schools participating in the Immediate Aid to Restart School Operations Grant (Sonya Amis) Back-up material

25. Discussion of awarding grants for Hurricane Katrina Education Recovery Act through the Impact Aid for Displaced Students (Sonya Amis) Back-up material

26. Discussion of reappointments to Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification and Licensure and Development and designation of Chair of Commission (Daphne Buckley) Back-up material

27. Discussion of the Interlocal Agreement between the Mississippi School of the Arts and Brookhaven School District for 2006-2007 school year (Daphne Buckley) Back-up material

28. Discussion of granting an extension of State accreditation visits as recommended by the Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification, and Licensure and Development (Daphne Buckley) Back-up material

29. Discussion of contract with Day, Certified Public Accountant to serve as the financial advisor for the Jefferson Davis County School District for FY 2007 (Steve Williams)

30. Discussion of submitting request to the Governor that the Governor lift the state of emergency declared pursuant to Section 37-18-7 in the North Bolivar School District (Steve Williams)

31. Discussion of appointment of Director of the Office of Innovative Support (Ethel Cain Carson) Back-up material

32. Discussion of appointment of Director of the Office of Federal Financial Management (Ethel Cain Carson) Back-up material

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