Mississippi Board of Education
October 21, 2005
8:30 A.M.
4th Floor Boardroom
Central High School Building
359 North West Street
Jackson, Mississippi


I.       Call to order

II        Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and Invocation

III.       Approval of Minutes of Meeting of September 9, 2005 and of Special Meeting of October 5, 2005

IV.       Additions or deletions – Approval of agenda

V.        Report of the Chair

VI.       Approval of Consent Agenda Items 
(Items below are numbered to correspond to the items as discussed on Thursday, October 20, 2005 agenda) 


Office of Educational Accountability

03. Approval to adopt a process to extend the period of time within which money borrowed by a school district in anticipation of revenue must be repaid if the extension is related to Hurricane Katrina

Office of Instructional Programs and Services

04. Approval of A Memorandum of Understanding between the Mississippi Board of Education, the Mississippi Department of Education, and the State Board for Community and Junior Colleges Relating to Articulation of Credit for Secondary Career-Technical Students to Postsecondary Career-Technical Programs

06. Approval to award additional grant funds in support of the existing pilot study for high school redesign

10. Approval of methodology to award grant dollars in support of local improvement efforts for the Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP)

11. Approval to begin the Administrative Procedures Act Process: To approve the Mississippi Gifted Education Program Regulations

12. Approval of interagency agreement number 36112 not to exceed $130,000 between the Division of Information Systems Services of the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services and the Mississippi Department of Education

13. Approval to grant Leland School District the opportunity to establish an evening/night GED Program

14. Approval to award Reading Sufficiency grants to local school districts to assist in the implementation of the Mississippi Reading Reform Model

15. Approval of the methodology to award discretionary subgrants to districts for Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program

16. Approval to award subgrants to local school districts affected by Hurricane Katrina to provide counseling services and support

17. Approval to award grants for the Title III English Language Acquisition Program in support of districts’ implementation of high-quality language instruction education programs that are based on scientifically based research, enabling districts to increase the English proficiency of limited English proficient (LEP) students, including immigrant children and youth

18. Approval of methodology for awarding discretionary grants to districts that have been impacted by Hurricane Katrina from the Mississippi Department of Education

Office of Quality Educators

19. Approval of a Dual Licensure Program in Elementary/Special Education at the University of Southern Mississippi as recommended by the Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification and Licensure Development

20. Approval to begin the Administrative Procedures Act process: To revise Guidelines for Mississippi Educator Licensure K-12 change in requirement for renewing a Standard Career Level Administrator license as recommended by the Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification and Licensure Development

21. Approval to revise Guidelines for Mississippi Educator Licensure K-12 to include an interim alternate route license (Has cleared the Administrative Procedures Act process with no public comment)

22. Approval to amend Guidelines for Mississippi Educator Licensure K-12 “Alternate Route One-Year Certification Highly Qualified Designation for Teachers not new to the Profession,” as recommended by the Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification and Licensure Development (Has cleared the Administrative Procedures Act process with no public comment)

23. Approval to extend the expiration date for one year for all five-year licenses set to expire on June 30, 2006 as recommended by the Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification and Licensure and Development

Office of Deputy State Superintendent

24. Approval to amend Mississippi Department of Education FY07 Budget Request

25. Approval to award competitive grants to 25 local school districts for the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

26. Approval of Appointment of Director, Office of Communications

27. Approval of Appointment of Director, Office of Educator Licensure

27a. Approval of Appointment of Special Assistant for Leadership and Professional Development

27b. Approval of Appointment of State Superintendent's Office Chief of Staff

28. Approval of Appointment of Bureau Director II – Elementary  Principal, Mississippi School for the Deaf

Consent Items

30. Full-Line Distributor. 10/22/05 – 06/30/06. No MDE Funds Involved. RFP Purchase Procedures

The following contract will provide service and delivery of food, supplies and USDA Commodities to local organizations in Region 2 of the State Purchasing Program. Payment will be made directly to the contractors by the local organizations purchasing these products. The Office of Child Nutrition will administer the contract; no MDE funds will be expended for these services. City Wholesale was awarded this contract at the June 2005 State Board meeting but has asked to be released from their contractual obligations. Briggs, Inc. submitted the second lowest bid for Region 2 at the original bid opening on April 29, 2005, which totaled $2,829,745.29. Briggs, Inc. is also the current contractor for distribution to Region 1. We are asking for approval to award a contract to Briggs, Inc. for the period of 10/22/05 – 06/30/06, with the option to renew for two additional one-year periods. The owner and/or personnel who will be working under these contracts are not former Department employees or related to any Department employee.

31. Approval of contracts for State Public School Building Fund

School districts are requested to submit an agreement that has been made and properly executed between the school district and contractor for capital improvements.

32. Approval to borrow funds with which to purchase school transportation equipment

Hazlehurst School District….…..$267,300.00

Four (4) new 2004 Diesel/IC, 71-seating capacity school buses and one (1) new 2006 Diesel/IC, 83 capacity school bus.

Sections 37-41-85 through 37-41-101, Mississippi Code of 1972, as amended, authorized school districts to borrow money with which to purchase motor vehicles and/or other transportation equipment to be used in transporting public school students.

VII. Recognition Ceremony

· Jonathan Priester, Murrah High School, Jackson Public Schools
4th place winner in the International Science Fair
· Contributors to education following Hurricane Katrina
· Recognition of School Districts

VIII. State Board of Education

       01. Report on meetings attended
       02. Approval of attendance at meetings

IX. Other Business

X. Adjournment

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NOTE:  Cellular telephones and pagers that give an audible signal are not permitted during Board meeting.

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