Mississippi Board of Education
December 16, 2005
8:30 A.M.
4th Floor Boardroom
Central High School Building
359 North West Street
Jackson, Mississippi


I.       Call to order

II        Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and Invocation

III.       Approval of Minutes of Meeting of November 16-17, 2005

IV.       Additions or deletions – Approval of agenda

V.        Report of the Chair

VI.       Approval of Consent Agenda Items 
(Items below are numbered to correspond to the items as discussed on Thursday, December 15, 2005 agenda)         

Office of the State Superintendent of Education

02. Approval of Appointment of Interim Conservator for the North Bolivar School District

Office of Educational Accountability

04. Approval of FY 2007 Adjusted Base Student Cost

05. Approval of Financial Advisor for the Durant School District

06. Approval of contract modification with Day, Certified Public Accountant to serve as the financial advisor for the North Panola School District

07. Approval to remove Diane S. Day, CPA, Financial Advisor for North Panola School District

Office of Instructional Programs and Services

08. Approval to begin the Administrative Procedures Act process: To revise the Approved Courses for the Secondary Schools of Mississippi 2005-2006

09. Approval of awarding of Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) Grants

10. Approval to revise the proposed Regulations for the Gifted Education Programs in Mississippi 2005 and resubmit for public comment under the Administrative Procedures Act process

11. Approval of modification of grant awards to existing Mississippi Reading First school districts

12. Approval to implement, in part, the termination for convenience clause of the FY 2006 contract with Riverside Publishing due to the impact of Hurricane Katrina

13. Approval of nonpublic school accreditation statuses for SY 2005-2006

02-a. Approval of the contract for Interim Conservator for the North Bolivar School District

18. Approval to revise State Board Policy ED-3 Transportation Management
(Has cleared the Administrative Procedures Act process with no public comment)

Office of Quality Educators

15. Approval of methodology to award grants to school districts to support Mississippi Future Educators Association Clubs

16. Approval to grant an extension of State accreditation visits as recommended by the Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification, and Licensure and Development

VII. Approval of Consent Items

20. ITS Contract with GCR & Associates. 12/19/2005 – 09/30/2006. No MDE Funds Involved
(Office of Healthy Schools)
GCR & Associates was the developer of our web based computer application used by the State Purchasing group to place orders with vendors. This contract will provide for evaluation of the current system to discuss updates, new reports and simple maintenance that may be needed. GCR & Associates is the vendor of choice because of their knowledge as designers of the system and prior maintenance contracts.

21. ITS Contract with Catherine Horton. 01/01/2006 – 12/30/2006. No MDE Funds Involved
(Office of Healthy Schools)
Request to extend the current ITS contract for one year. Ms. Horton is currently working on our web based computer payment system as the Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator oversees the payment system maintenance contract with Ciber, Inc. and will direct the work assignment of an ITS contract for a Dot Net Programmer with Ciber, Inc. Contractor was originally selected from ITS Pool of Service Providers.

22. ITS Contract with Ciber, Inc. 01/01/2006 – 12/30/2006. No MDE Funds Involved
(Office of Healthy Schools)
This contract is for a Dot Net Programmer for our web based computer payment system. The programmer will develop new reports and enhancements to the payment system. Programmer was selected from an ITS Pool of Service Providers.

VIII. Recognition Ceremony

Superintendents of school districts located in Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Pearl River, Stone, George, Forrest and Jones counties
For outstanding leadership in the face of extreme devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina

IX. State Board of Education

     01. Report on meetings attended
     02. Approval of attendance at meetings

X. Other Business

XI. Adjournment

 If you need accommodations due to a disability, contact our office at 601-359-1750.
NOTE:  Cellular telephones and pagers that give an audible signal are not permitted during Board meeting.

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