Mississippi Board of Education
April 14, 2005
10:00 A.M.
4th Floor Boardroom
Central High School Building
359 North West Street
Jackson, Mississippi



1.         Report of State Superintendent of Education


2.         Report on the Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute (Dr. Kim Patterson) Backup material


3.         Legislative Update (Steve Williams/Joy Milam) Back-up material


4.         Discussion of appointments to the Commission on School Accreditation (Steve Williams) Back-up material

5.         Discussion of request from Smith County School District for a waiver of Accreditation Standard 19 (Steve Williams)  Back-up material 

6.         Discussion of establishing Guidelines for Mississippi Educator Licensure K-12 Alternate Route One-Year Certification Highly Qualified Designation for Teachers Not New to the Profession, as recommended by the Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification and Licensure Development (Daphne Buckley)  Back-up material

7.         Discussion of contract with University of Southern Mississippi to develop and deliver professional development and training for local school district administrators (Daphne Buckley)  Back-up material

8.         Discussion of amending the Highly Qualified Teacher Criteria to include an addendum to establish a High Objective Uniform State Standard of Evaluation (HOUSSE) (Daphne Buckley)  Back-up material

9.         Discussion of school districts with need for administrators to participate in the Mississippi School Administrator Sabbatical Program (Daphne Buckley)  Back-up material

10.        Discussion of additions to the Approved Courses for the Secondary Schools of Mississippi, 2005-2006 (Bonita Potter)  Back-up material

11.       Discussion of revision of Mississippi Comprehensive Health Framework (Bonita Potter) Back-up material

12.       Discussion of awarding grant proposals in support of educational technology enhancement and integration (Bonita Potter) Back-up material

13.       Discussion of contract renewal with eClassroom a Division of eCollege (Bonita Potter)  Back-up material

14.       Discussion of contract with AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc. for web site maintenance and hosting (Bonita Potter) Back-up material           

15.       Discussion of contract renewal with Linda Clifton to coordinate the Technology Academy for School Leaders (TASL) Academies (Bonita Potter)  Back-up material          

16.       Discussion of contract renewal with Debbie Davis to coordinate the Technology Academy for School Leaders (TASL) Academies (Bonita Potter)  Back-up material

17.       Discussion of increasing class size allowed in Special Education resource classes specified in Policy IDDF-15  (Bonita Potter)  Back-up material

18.       Discussion of awarding grants to one regional service center and two consortiums to provide on-site technical assistance to local school districts as a part of the Mattie T Consent Decree Agreement (Bonita Potter) Back-up material

19.       Discussion of methodology to award subgrants to participate in summer educational enrichment projects for the Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program (Susan Rucker)  Back-up material

20.       Discussion of approving academic and elective Carnegie unit credit for specified Vocational and Technical secondary course offerings to meet the requirements for high school graduation (Susan Rucker) Back-up material

21.       Discussion of contract with MetaMetrics, Inc., for the purpose of linking the Mississippi Curriculum Test (MCT) assessment results to the Lexile Framework for Reading and the Quantile Framework for Mathematics to connect individual student scale scores on the MCT to their reading and mathematics (Susan Rucker)  Back-up material

22.       Discussion of contract modification with CTB/McGraw-Hill to continue to provide services and products related to the Grade Level Testing Program (GLTP) (Susan Rucker)  Back-up material

23.       Discussion of contract modification with Harcourt Assessment, Inc. to continue to provide services and products for the Subject Area Testing Program (SATP) (Susan Rucker)  Back-up material

24.       Discussion of contract modification with NCS Pearson, Inc. to continue to provide services and products related to the Functional Literacy Examination (FLE) using and electronic testing system (Susan Rucker)  Back-up material

25.       Discussion of contract modification with Southern Illinois University to continue to provide services and products related to the Mississippi Career Planning and Assessment System Occupation-Specific Assessment Program (Susan Rucker)  Back-up material

26.       Discussion of methodology to select public school district and Head Start agency teacher assistants to participate in the AmeriCorp Future Teacher Literacy Corps Program (FTLC) (James Sardin)  Back-up material

27.       Discussion of methodology for competitive written proposals from LEAs for school-based service-learning projects for the Learn and Serve America Program (James Sardin)  Back-up material

28.       Report of personnel actions (Ethel Carson) Back-up material

29.       Discussion of items, which have cleared the Administrative Procedures Act process:

  • Proposed revisions to the Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards, 2004
    (Steve Williams) Back-up material
  • Mississippi Department of Education Textbook Administration Handbook Rules and Regulations(Susan Rucker) Back-up material

30.       Discussion of consent agenda items Back-up material

31.       Consideration of Executive Session

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