Earth and Space Resources

The Educator Resource Center
The Educator Resource Center (ERC) at Stennis Space Center provides educators with opportunities to receive free educational materials and to attend professional development workshops. The ERC contains a vast collection of materials for educators, including videotapes, software, printed materials and lesson plans that reflect the most recent scientific discoveries about space and the Earth.

Geoscience Education
The nation's most extensive collection of digital learning resources for geoscience education is now based at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, CO.  The Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE), developed with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), focuses on the special needs of K-12 educators and has tips for finding resources for K-12 classrooms.

Miss Magggie's Earth Adventures
A free educational resource for elementary and intermediate level teachers and their students.

A search for the origins and make-up of the bodies in our solar system.

United States Space Foundation
Information as well as professional development opportunities.

There is a little bit of everything on this site, from environment and outdoor related recreation to paleontology and geophysics.

Natural Disasters: Destructive Forces of Nature
This site provides an enormous amount of information about seven natural disasters, a quiz game, and interactive links.

FEMA for Kids
The Federal Emergency Management Team has added new activities to its website to help elementary and middle level students learn about and be prepared for natural disasters.

Auroras: Paintings in the Sky
This site explains what the Aurora Borealis are, how they are created, where they can be found and what they look like from space.  A teacher's page also gives ideas on how to use this information in the classroom.

EARTHSHOTS: Satellite Images of Environmental Change
A collection of Landsat images and text designed to show environmental changes and to introduce remote sensing.

The GLOBE Project
Interactive, real-life scientific data collecting. Learn about the project and to become a part of it!

Cloud Boutique
From Plymouth State College, this site offers classifications of clouds including text and images.

WeatherNet, the Internet's premier source of weather information provides access to thousands of forecasts, images, and the Net's largest collection of weather links. WeatherNet is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date resources on weather data and is sponsored by the Weather Underground at the University of Michigan.

The Weather Channel
Get up to date weather forecasts from around the United States.

Center for Ocean, Land and Atmosphere Studies
Offers sophisticated climatology resources as well as current forecasts, research papers, and links to research scientists.

Kennedy Space Center
Find updates, information and images of shuttle missions on the KSC homepage.

NASA/ Montana State University CERES(Center for Educational Resources) Project
An extensive library of interactive K-12 materials for teaching astronomy, including classroom ready lesson plans, NASA data search engines, and distance learning courses for in-service K-12 teachers.

United States Space Foundation
The ultimate space website. There is a little bit of everything here.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
A different image everyday of our fascinating universe along with a brief description written by a professional astronomer.

NASA Spacelink - An Electronic Information System for Educators
A really great site for following the NASA space program. Unique resources for teachers and students. Coordinators with Spacelink accounts can sign on and benefit from special services.

Environmental Protection Agency
The best overview site for environmental issues! Wonderful links--a "one stop site"

United States Geological Survey
Offering more than just maps, the USGS provides Earth science data, images and curricular resources for K - 12 teachers and students.

Views of the Solar System
At this site, you'll find clearly presented images of all the planets, of asteroids, comets and the sun. This site has well written accounts of the solar system, the history of space exploration and useful scientific data.

Rainforest Action Network
Although rainforests cover less than two percent of the Earth's surface, they're home to nearly half the planet's known life forms. And rainforests are being destroyed at the rate of 214,000 acres per day. Find out what you can do to save our planet earth!

Mary Wroten
Science Specialist

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