Additional Inquiry Resources

Free Inquiry-based Instruction Resource:  WISE
WISE is a simple learning environment where students examine real-world evidence and analyze current scientific controversies. Curriculum projects are designed for grades 5-12. Students do most WISE activities on a computer, using a web browser. WISE (in this free online software environment) provides tools for data visualization, causal modeling, simulations, and assessment.

Free Educational Resources
More than thirty federal agencies formed a working group in 1997 to make hundreds of federally supported teaching and learning resources easier to find.

Women Are Scientists
Several free DVDs that profile women scientists are available upon request from the National Institutes of Health. The "Women Are Scientists" series showcases successful female scientists in their respective specialties, and inform students about educational requirements, rewards, and challenges of careers in the biomedical sciences. This series is designed to motivate students to take more challenging advanced science and math courses and to enable them to successfully direct their own career paths.

Electronic Slideshows
Math/Science Nucleus has developed electronic slideshows that transform scientific subjects into pictorials.  The templates can be used to teach science and math concepts to children and adults.  

Dragonfly TV
Dragonfly TV offers podcasts, interactive games, lessons, and activities designed for elementary students.

Exploritorius:  Science Snacks by Subject
The website includes a diverse selection of “Science Snacks” to involve students in grades K-12 in hand-on activities, webcasts, and science news.

Frank Potters Science Gems
Frank Potters Science Gems include content-specific lesson plans, experiments, and activities for students in grades K-12.  There are images, slide shows, and additional links to educational resources.

Middle School Science Lesson Plans
This site provides a searchable database of lesson plans and activities for students in grades 5-8.

Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement (SMILE)
The Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement
The SMILE program is designed to enhance the elementary and high school learning of Science and Mathematics through the use of the phenomenological approach.

Flinn Scientific
Good ideas for Lab safety, contact numbers for FREE Reference Manual. Education Network
All sorts of stuff for the up-to-date educator!

Extreme Science
This site by a former NASA scientist profiles extremes in the natural and animal worlds as well as the scientists who study such phenomena.

Science Fair Central
This site is designed to encourage interest and participation in science fair competitions across the country.

Discovery Channel School
Lesson plans, discussions and lots more on this site.

Project 2061
Project 2061's materials are available on this site as well as ratings for various curriculum materials.

Mineral Information Institute
FREE teaching materials including lesson plans, poster packets, even a FREE Periodic chart!

Free and Nearly Free Stuff
This site from the World Links for Development Program offers information that is free or nearly free for schools.

FREE Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
New science education activities listed on the US Department of Education website.

The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM)
Announced by U.S. Secretary of Education, Richard Riley, this is a site designed for teachers to type a topic, grade level, and other information into a search screen that then retrieves -from more than 140 websites- lessons, instructional units, and other freeeducational materials on that topic for that grade level.

The Lab Safety Workshop
Site dedicated to making health and safety an integral and important part of science education. 
Free copies of Lab Safety Guidelines available on request.

Magnolia Database
Mississippi Alliance for Gaining New Opportunities through Library Information Access, a collection of databases for elementary children to adults.

Scientific American Frontiers
PBS science series hosted by Alan Alda that shares the newest discoveries of real-life scientists.

Scientific American Online
Past and current articles from this periodical available on-line.

National Science Teachers Association
Offers visitors a wealth of information about the organization itself, programs, convention information and dates, publications, awards, and competitions.

Museum of Science in Boston
Offers resources for local and global communities, including a series of scanning electron micrographs.

National Science Foundation WWW Server
The National Science Foundation World Wide Web Server has lots of resources and reference materials for science education. The site is designed to quickly guide viewers to information in grant and research opportunities, science trends, statistical information, news and media reports, science education, and international activities.

Smithsonian's National Zoological Park
Why wait to go to Washington D.C. to visit our National Zoo?? Discover the excitement of a field trip to the zoo without the lines, spilled drinks and sore feet!

The Franklin Institute
Visit the publications library, where you'll find other science news, activities, and resources. Use their units of study to support your science curriculum. Sample some interesting science programs and demonstrations. Wander through the museum. It's not quite the real thing, but a visit to this online museum should satisfy your yearning for learning about science.

The Exploratorium Science Snacks
Pages full of snacks - but not the kind you eat!  Minature versions of some of the most popular exhibits at the Exploratorium.

Exploratorium Home Page
In this virtual Exploratorium, visitors can discover the wonder of genetics and DNA coding first-hand from a throng of mutant fruit flies. Site visitors will find plenty of suggestions for putting together their own experiments and exhibits at home with excerpts from two Exploratorium books, Hands-On Science and The Science Snackbook.

National Air and Space Museum
A very informative web site from the Smithsonian Institution. Information about the exhibition galleries and a calendar of events, along with a "clickable" floor map of the whole building make these pages invaluable to those who are planning to visit the museum and great pictures from the museum make this an interesting site for "armchair" travelers.

Project Learning Tree
This is their national home page. Site visitors will find sample activities, a calender of events, and PLT's curriculum.

National Science Resources Center
Operated jointly by the Smithsonian Institution and the National Academy of Sciences.

Legislative Information
A "one stop site" for searching legislation on any topic!

Science NetLinks
Designed specifically for teachers, parents and Liberians, Science NetLinks is a detailed guide to the best science resources on the internet.

The John F. Kennedy Center at Vanderbilt University
Research and information on what the Kennedy Center is doing to prevent and treat disabilities.

The Annenberg/CPB Channel
Information about the mathematics and science network.

The Science Daily
A free online science newsletter that touches on the latest information in every field of science in a classroom-friendly style.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Source for educational videos dealing with physics and car crashes.  Find out about safety facts, news release and more.

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