The Center for Educational and Training Technology (CETT) at Mississippi State University has a 15 year history of K-12 curriculum-materials development and teacher training throughout the state and nation. CETT’s goal of enhancing K-12 teachers’ content knowledge and instructional strategies to increase student achievement continues in its recent development of Sample Instructional Strategies, 2010 Mississippi Science Framework, Grades 5, 8, and Biology I.

The strategies are designed to give science teachers ideas for addressing the framework objectives. They are not meant to supersede textbooks, pacing guides, or other resources, or be the only strategies utilized in teaching the objectives. To facilitate lesson plan development, the CETT has created a quick lesson planning resource that includes Performance Level Descriptors and references to the Test Blueprints. The strategies and planning resources may be accessed from the CETT website at

Mary Wroten
Science Specialist

Science Listserv

The monthly newsletter, Mississippi Science Spots, provides science news and information about opportunities for teachers and students. To receive Mississippi Science Spots by email each month, please join the Science Listserv. Send a request to

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