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Mississippi School Library Vision
Create collaborative relationships between school librarians and classroom teachers which transforms the school library program into a support system that strengthens the curriculum by bridging the informational literacy gap.

Mississippi School Library Listserv

To subscribe to the Mississippi Library listserv, send a message to Elizabeth Simmons with "Subscribe Library" as the subject of the e-mail. Please include your name, as well as the name of your school and district in Mississippi.

Mississippi Librarian Growth Rubric, MS School Library Guide, and MS School Library Monitoring Rubric Crosswalk

Librarian Growth Rubric
Librarian Growth Rubric and Librarian Growth Rubric Descriptors

School Library Guide
2014 MS School Library Guide

Library Monitoring Rubric

MS Library Monitoring Rubric – Accreditation Checklist

The following forms will help school librarians meet the School Library Monitoring Standards.

The following forms will help create the information needed to update the library’s print and electronic collections. The forms will help school librarians build collections that meet the current curriculum standards.
Collection Analysis Breakdown
Collection Development Plan
Collection Evaluation

The Monetary Consideration Form and Budget Report will help school librarians report to the administrators the needs of the school library program. These forms can be used in conjunction with the Collection Development Plan and Professional Development Plan.
Monetary Consideration Form
Budget Report
Teacher Request Form

The Professional Development Plan and Professional Growth Goals  will help the school librarian and administrators create a professional development plan for the librarian as well as create short and long-term goals for the library and the librarian.
Professional Development Plan
Professional Growth Goals

The Student Learning Outcome template will help school librarians and the school library advocacy committee create the yearly objectives for student learning.
Student Learning Outcomes

The Library Advocacy Committee Agenda template will help keep track of committee meetings, talking points, and attendance. The Public Relations Overview will help create a Public Relations plan to promote the school library program and resources.
Library Advocacy Agenda
Library Public Relations Overview

The Library Schedule template will aid School Librarians in creating a detailed library schedule ranging from Pre-K to High School.
Library Schedule

Elementary/Middle School Library Schedule example
High School Library Schedule example

The Collaborative Lesson Plan template will help create the collaborative relationship between the school librarian and the classroom teacher. Use the template when planning, implementing, and evaluating a collaborative teaching lesson.
Collaborative Lesson Plan

The Annual School Library Report template can be used to create end-of-the-year reports for school libraries to submit to the administrator and/or district library program supervisor. The annual report will keep the library program on track with the short- and long-term goals
Annual School Library Report

Helpful Links and Tools

Collection Development
Weeding Overview
CCSS Science Topic List
Magnolia Book Awards
Dewey Decimal 101
Automated System Records and Book Processing
Reference Collection

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

LAMP School Library Conference
MEGAResource School Library Conference
Fay B. Kaigler Children’s Book Festival

American Association of School Libraries
Mississippi Library Association

Posters and Displays
Library Bill of Rights Poster
Dewey Decimal Poster
School Libraries Change Lives Poster

Other Helpful Information
MAGNOLIA Journal Article Alerts
ESSA and School Libraries
AASL 21st Century Learning Standards

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