Accounting Staff

James A. Hart, Bureau Director

 Linda Whitley Director of Payments and Property  601-359-2187

 Katrina Dooley  Vendor Payments

Payroll and Insurance

 Vanessa Nichols Payroll  601-359-3074

 Angela Smith  Insurance  601-359-3763

Contracts Payable

 Deidre Donnell Payroll/Travel/Contracts 601-359-2926

 Sandra Gaddis Independent Contract
Travel Payment Accountant



 Kim Ware Travel Payment Accountant  601-359-3493

 Eric Foster Travel Payment Accountant  601-359-3847

 Accounts Payable


Team 1

 Gail Gentry Accounts Payable
School Payments Supervisor

 Danielle Stephens  Accounts Payable Accountant 601-359-2189

 Jacquline Williams Payments Accountant  601-359-3976


Accounts Payable

Team 2

 Eric Hollis  Accounts Specialist  601-359-2927

 Phil Shepardson  Accounts Payable Accountant  601-359-3917
 Fernell Clayborne Vendor Payments Accountant  601-359-3975


Fixed Assets

 Mike Swofford Blind/Deaf School Business Office 
Property Officer

 Kenya Gardner Property Officer  601-359-3977


Revenue and Reporting

Accounts Receivable

 Letha Gray Federal Draw/CMIA and 
Accounts Receivable Supervisor 

 Shannon Gatlin Accounts Receivable Accountant  601-359-3909

 Katie Alexander Accounts Receivable Accountant  601-359-5974

 Rose Briggs  Customer Billing
Deposits Technician


 VACANT Purchasing Supervisor  601-359-3864


 VACANT Purchasing Agent  601-359-3994


 Charlotte Powell Purchasing Technician  601-359-2066


Financial Reporting

 VACANT Reporting Supervisor  601-359-2318


 Virginia Dickerson      Reporting Accountant  601-359-3925

 VACANT Reporting Accountant  601-359-3427  
 Charlene Smith Blind/Deaf School Business Office
Reporting Accountant


Mail / Central Receiving

 Mike Byrd Mail/Central Receiving Supervisor  601-359-2195

 Steve Pierce Support Technician Senior  601-359-2195

 Michael Jones Support Technician  601-359-2195



Office of Accounting     P.O. Box 771     Jackson, MS 39205-0771     Phone: (601) 359-3525     Fax: (601) 359-2326

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