Accounts Receivable

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Note: AP&P refers to Agency Policy and Procedure Manual


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Receipt of Funds Form - Excel Format

For assistance, please call Letha Gray at 601-359-3430 or e-mail

Log-in of Receipts

Contact Charlotte Powell at 601-359-2066 or email 

Backup Personnel for Log-in of Receipts are:
1. Katie Alexander 601-359-5974
2. Shannon Gatlin 601-359-3909
3. Letha Gray 601-359-3430

Invoice Issued by Requesting Office/Depositing Receipts

Rose Marie Briggs at 601-359-3665 or email


Internal Billings

Indirect Cost
Data Processing
Space Rental

Tort Claims

Please contact Katie Alexander at 601-359-5974 or email 
For assistance, please contact Shannon Gatlin at 601-359-3909 or email

External Billings

Instructions for the Invoice for Services Form
Form of Invoice for Services


For assistance with adjustments, please contact James Hart, at 601-359-3525 or


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